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But the information, although critical to improve lives and livelihoods, is often not current, shared, or integrated with other necessary data.,cabaret club casino bonus codes,In addition to Akoka locals, the bridge – built by the 'blue helmets' from the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), in record time – has greatly benefited humanitarians, enabling faster aid delivery as well as security patrol and outreach activities by the Mission.,However, on Saturday Russia announced that it was suspending its involvement in the deal, citing an attack the same day on ships in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol in the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014..

The people we met all asked the same questions: can we get jobs? Can we get back our dignity and go back to our normal life? Can we become the actors of our future? Can you help us to go back to a normal life?,It’s a year since the innovative scheme was born, in a bid to guarantee timely access to everyone, regardless of their income, status or location, to life-saving jabs, as the pandemic gripped the world. ,In 2015, we actually had three Category 4 hurricanes surrounding the islands for the first time in recorded history. We've had four [coral] bleaching events. We've had “king tides” and rainstorms, so we know that climate change is real and impacts our weather and our communities. ,cricket players gadgets.

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An assessment mission carried out by FAO earlier this year found that rice and maize losses due to the locusts in some parts of the country vary from 40 to 70 per cent of the crop, with 100 per cent losses on certain plots. The agency estimates that losses in rice production could be up to 630,000 tonnes, or about 25 per cent of total demand for rice in Madagascar. Rice is the main staple in the country, where 80 per cent of the population lives on less than a dollar per day.,cricket players funny name,The study shows that the richest one per cent of the population are the big winners in the changing global economy, increasing their share of income between 1990 and 2015, while at the other end of the scale, the bottom 40 per cent earned less than a quarter of income in all countries surveyed..

Since conflict erupted in November 2020, Tigray and other regions have seen the widespread disruption of agriculture, elevated levels of acute food insecurity, and loss of livelihoods.  ,Composed of arid and semi-arid areas, Mandera County forms part of a cross-border region between Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia where pastoralist communities are highly vulnerable to recurrent droughts that degrade rangelands and reduce access to traditional grazing areas.,cricket players gadgets,Earlier, the young leaders had shared their desire for their governments to enact inclusive policies; eliminate conflicts and poverty; create the much-needed jobs; act against climate change; promote gender parity; give the youth opportunities to participate in decision-making processes; and facilitate and fund innovation hubs, among other issues and ideas.  .

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When policy makers need to see the big picture to make well-informed policy decisions, they are turning to space – UNOOSA Director Simonetta Di Pippo,“No country has been spared. No population group remains unscathed. Nobody is immune to its impacts”, the report spelled out.,“The Moldovan people and Government have shown remarkable solidarity with refugees since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began nearly one year ago”, Filippo Grandi told the media during his visit to the country..

cabaret club casino bonus codes,Mr. Guterres reminded that two years ago, he issued a Call to Action which puts human rights at the centre of solutions to the challenges facing the international community. ,Mr. Honnorat flagged that last year, some 90 per cent of refugees in Chad did not receive adequate food assistance and rations had to be cut in half..

“The Framework will help countries in building capacity for using geospatial technology to enhance informed government decision-making, facilitate private sector development, take practical actions to achieve a digital transformation, and bridge the geospatial-digital divide.”,Furthermore, more than two billion people worldwide lack access to safe water and over 4.5 billion to adequate sanitation services, warned UN Secretary-General António Guterres.,On this World Oceans Day, we look to the future. Caring for, and using, our oceans in sustainable ways is critical to achieve ecological and economic goals for communities everywhere,” said Mr. Guterres in a message on the Day..

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Reminding participants that an independent group of scientists was mandated to “bring together different perspectives in trends of science to inform the 2030 Agenda and to contribute to the science policy interface”, Mr. Murenzi said that after assessing each target on a “business as usual scenario, many are off track”.,In a detailed statement, more than two dozen UN-appointed independent human rights experts - including representatives from three different working groups and multiple Special Rapporteurs - called out chief executives by name, saying that the companies they lead “must urgently address posts and activities that advocate hatred, and constitute incitement to discrimination, in line with international standards for freedom of expression.”,The funding will be used to provide urgent life-saving assistance and protection in a country where it is estimated more than two thirds of the population, nearly nine million people, require aid relief. .

cricket players funny name,Addressing world leaders at the UN General Assembly, President Salih expressed hope for the future thanks to what he described as “important positive developments” in the political, security and economic sectors. ,The 2018 theme aligns perfectly with that of Monday's 2018 High-level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF): “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies,” where the progress of five of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be assessed..

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It provides for UN-Habitat and ICAO to strengthen their cooperation with a view to advising States on technical and policy matters relating to aviation issues raised within the context of the sustainable integration of airports in urban areas and within national development programmes. The agreement also directly supports SDGs 9, 11, and 13, which respectively pertain to economic development, urban well-being, and climate change.,cricket players funny name,The Prime Minister asked countries to take responsibility because otherwise, the world is not going to see any change..

The Assembly also expressed its expectation that “Pyeongchang 2018 will be a meaningful opportunity to foster an atmosphere of peace, development, tolerance and understanding on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia.”,OHCHR underlined that the right to life, the absolute prohibition against torture, the principles of fair trial, and the procedural safeguards that protect these rights, apply at all times, even during states of emergency. ,cricket players gadgets,Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General in Haiti, Bruno Lemarquis, took part in a remembrance ceremony on Wednesday, to remember the lives lost. .

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He underscored the need to support countries’ efforts to mobilize domestic resources, which must be accompanied by the international community’s commitment to fight tax evasion, money laundering and illicit financial flows, which threaten development.  ,cricket players gadgets,The United Nations has a critical role to play in bringing all stakeholders together, providing a global platform for reviewing SDG implementation, for the passing on of skills and know-how, and for catalyzing partnerships.,The two-time Olympian was one of the main speakers at Tuesday’s United Nations Youth Dialogue event, where the President of the General Assembly and other senior officials joined young people to discuss increasing education and skills training, as well as how to prevent radicalization..

“Importantly, however, we take this opportunity to call for the release of the thousands of others who remain in detention for opposing military rule”.,Among the other activities he participated in today, Mr. Guterres addressed a high-level event to take stock of progress on the renewed partnership to end hunger in Africa by 2025, where he noted that agricultural and livestock productivity on the continent are under threat and hunger rates continue to increase, and cited the close links among hunger, food insecurity and poverty.,However, until a few years ago, the pier – about 300 meters long, crossing a mangrove forest to connect the village to the open sea – was dilapidated and used only by fishers heading out to sea.,cricket players funny name.

“International actors should provide protection and safe passage to lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and other actors involved with the legal system, especially women, who are at risk of reprisal and attacks by the Taliban and others”, the statement detailed.,dow jones futures news today,“The prison sentences delivered today in Belarus against four human rights defenders, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ales Bialiatski, are deeply troubling and indicative of the ongoing repression in the country,” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the UN human rights office, OHCHR.,“We believe achieving sustainable development is an important framework for all of this.” .

Tarik Shabat, Coordinator of PAPP, says that the current economic conditions have underlined its importance:,“This means adopting national agricultural policies and investment plans that focus not only on agricultural sector development, but on poverty, hunger and resilience to climate change,” he added.,Growth is expected to expand 3.0 per cent in 2014 and 3.3 percent in 2015, compared with estimated growth of 2.1 per cent for 2013, according to the ‘World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014’ (WESP) report preview launched today.,cricket players gadgets.

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“While they are in Bangladesh, it is important that Rohingya refugees are able to live in safety and with dignity, and that they can develop the skills and capacities that could support their sustainable return”.,The forum commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the ground-breaking 1968 UN Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, or UNISPACE for short.,“Palestine and its citizens have first-hand experience of some of the most challenging and dramatic global issues we face” said Mr. Guterres in his remarks at the annual ceremony for handover of the rotating Chairmanship of the G77..

cabaret club casino bonus codes,“The green economy is the good economy. Technology is on our side. Those that will bet on the grey economy will have a grey future, and those that, like in India, are betting on the green economy will have a dominant role in the global economy in the decades to come,” said the Secretary-General.,“The world economy is again under stress,” said Mukhisa Kituyi, UNCTAD Secretary-General. “The immediate pressures are building around escalating tariffs and volatile financial flows, but behind these threats to global stability is a wider failure – since 2008 – to address the inequities and imbalances of our hyperglobalized world.”.

The Committee will send its recommendations to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) for endorsement, which will then refer its decision to the UN General Assembly.,“Lebanon’s crisis is affecting everyone, everywhere across the country, with women bearing the brunt of the profound impact of this multi-layered crisis…2.2 million vulnerable Lebanese, 86,000 migrants and 200,000 Palestine refugees in Lebanon currently require emergency aid; in addition to 1.5 million Syrian refugees that are unable to afford or even access health, food, electricity, water, education and waste-water management, not to mention lifesaving protection services.”,“Today is the start of a new era for young people at the United Nations,” he said, encouraging everyone to help move it forward. He urged Member States to invest in and empower youth nationally; challenged businesses to provide young people with skills and opportunities; and called on civil society cat speak out and keep up the pressure..

Examples include automation and artificial intelligence which, when used together, can help sort recyclables more efficiently. Smart packaging is another potential solution, using sensors to help reduce the amount of food thrown away, and innovative new technologies which can turn organic waste into renewable energy and compost.,Concluding a seven-day visit to Syria, Lebanon and Turkey – his first official mission in the region since assuming the function of UN Emergency Relief Coordinator – Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths stressed that “the UN needs to be able to reach people who depend on its aid both from Turkey and from within Syria”.,“Some of the financial and fiscal decisions made in the last years affect the enjoyment of several rights, including to housing, food, water, sanitation, education, social security and health, and are worsening pre-existing inequalities,” they added..

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It also is essential for resilience to climate change, and underpins UN efforts in peace, security, human rights and development.,Dr. Phaahla, Minister of Health South Africa, said: “What we see here today, is a moment in history, a programme that is aimed at empowering LMICs through a global collaborative network.,“After spending a year in space, I was absolutely inspired that if we can dream it we can do it … and most importantly, if we work as a team because teamwork makes the dream work. The sky is not the limit.”.

cabaret club casino bonus codes,Overall, the continent's economy grew by roughly four per cent in 2014, creating one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted positive economic expansion in Africa's history.,At the same time, growth is providing opportunities in many developing economies: recent reductions in fertility mean that the working-age population (25 to 64) is growing faster than other age ranges, which could improve the possibilities for faster economic growth. The report recommends that governments make use of this “demographic dividend” to invest in education in health..

Bolstering the fundamentals will be important as the medium-term outlook sees growth trending downward in several countries owing to ageing populations, slower capital accumulation and modest productivity gains.,“We must respond to the needs of the hungry, first by ensuring adequate political and financial support for emergency food assistance,” stressed Mr. Ban.,“With their right hand, they come up with these new – and still harmful – products, and with their left hand they find ways to support studies that present them as safer for people’s health, even though there is actually no scientific evidence to support such claims,” said Dr. da Costa e Silva..

Inequality is not only rising, it is also an “entrenched imbalance,” according to Richard Kozul-Wright, a globalization expert and Director with the Trade and Development agency UNCTAD.,According to the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the Organization’s development arm in the continent, which is also the secretariat for the Trust Fund, every ,500 contributed to the Fund could save one life; prevent 10 serious injuries; and leverage ,000 towards investments in road safety.,“I was profoundly touched by the plight of the women and children I met in the nutrition centre in N’Djamena today,” said Mr. Lowcock, who heads up the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)..

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